Art is a product of existence.

Existence is the object. Living is the subject.

Dying, what is that? An extinguishment, reward, punishment or relief? 

Ashes to ashes, neon to whispers. 

An artist is a person who engages with life in the process of becoming, being and dissapearing.

I am self taught. In 1990 what I exhibited as a 26 year old in Robin Gibson gallery in Sydney Australia where direct carvings in marble and sandstone. I dont where they came from. They just emerged. I guess they where the crystalization of what I had absorbed during the previous 8 years of travelling and self educating. The sculptures kept coming so I heeded the call to arms as an artist and have been in the trenches ever since.

In 1996, to continue the arc, I emmigrated to New York City. There was so much to learn. I became one of Nam June Paik's assistants in his Soho studio. We put together his solo show for the year 2000 exhibit at the Guggenheim. This was an incredible introduction to the machinations of Art in New York. I was carving sculptures and painting in a basement on the Lower East Side and exhibiting uptown at Mgrath galleries on 77th st. Great days. But I felt limited so in 2001 I apprenticed at an art foundry on the Hudson. This provided amazing exposure to what other artists do, how they do it, why and with what materials.

After a few years of this I took a job on a Boom truck transporting and installing outdoor sculptures up and down the East coast. Eventualy I bought my own truck and started my own foundry. Then the economy crashed, my gallery in New York folded, I stopped exhibiting overseas and the real struggles began.

But that is all behind us. My 3 young children have re-opened my eyes to the joys of art. So we begin again in the studio from scratch. The new work attempts to stretch between the dimensions and to weld together languages.

Im working on large dimensional panels with the encaustic technique and creating a fresh vocabulary of forms. 

I can be contacted at nycsculpture@gmail. com

Please enjoy.